Official DisruptED 2016 recap report

View highlights from DisruptED 2016 in our official recap report.

Disrupted report


DisruptED 2016 draws crowds, conclusions

Despite the enormous RBC Convention Centre situated on the block between them, the intersections of York Ave./Edmonton St. and York Ave./Carlton St. are just that – intersections.

On November 24 and 25, those intersections became something more. They housed and bounded (but didn’t restrict) DisruptED, an intersection of itself – a mashing together of technology and education that shed new light on a vibrant, exciting emerging industry.

The conference brought together prominent names and up-and-comers on all sides of the intersection of tech and education: government, students, educators, software developers and IT professionals.

Hosted by tech evangelist Marc Saltzman (yep – the guy from Cineplex), an industry reporter since 1996 and freelance journalist, author, lecturer, consultant and media personality, the event featured speakers from sectors ranging from post-secondary education to private enterprise to philanthropy. Some notable names included Sidneyeve Matrix of the Queen’s School of Business Executive Education Program, Michael Furdyk, co-founder and Director of Technology at TakingITGlobal, tech prodigy Tanmay Bakshi and more. Here’s the full lineup of speakers and panellists.

Discussion on each day of the two-day conference spanned across media and format. A mix of lectures, panel discussions, interactive activities and debate meant attendees and lecturers each had an opportunity to learn – in their own way.

The DisruptED-specific, relatively unstructured “Unconference” portion – a group of breakout sessions meant to facilitate chat and creative problem solving while simultaneously breaking down barriers to conversation – had some attendees feeling apprehensive.

“At first I thought – how is this going to work? … Maybe I should take a walk during this part…” wrote Jeff Koziuk, Sales Manager, Acrodex, in a LinkedIn blog post after the event. Jeff decided to stay, luckily, participating in sessions that discussed questions on attracting women to IT work and developing communities using IT.

Other Unconference session subjects included questions on adapting education systems to be more practical and relevant; understanding the importance of soft skills in tech education and IT work; tech outreach to northern communities; and youth consultation across all facets of technology and education.

Thank you to all attendees, speakers, and sponsors of DisruptED 2016. We truly believe we made a step forward in STEM education for Manitoba.


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Graphic Recordings

Didn’t take notes during DisruptED? Sam Bradd at Drawing Change has taken care of that for you! View his super cool graphic recording images below:

Event photos

Photos from DisruptED’s two-days, thanks to Lindsay Reid at Click.Studio