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Remote work has really taken off in the past couple of months. Companies are beginning to see the importance of collaboration tools and how they can help in operations. Zoom, for example, has experienced a massive surge in new signups and usage. And that only means one thing. Remote work is here to stay.

In this post, we reveal industries that embraced remote work even before the Coronavirus pandemic happened.

Gambling Industry

Since the first online casino went live in 1996, companies in this industry have always embraced remote work. Take Playamo mobile for an example. This casino boasts of having a fully remote web development team. And everything is running smoothly, for the most part.

Accounting and Finance

Professionals in the financial field can work from anywhere. Of course, this is not a freelancing position, but most accountants will work from home at least once a week. That is especially true for businesses that have software to track every little expense and revenue. The only thing left is to prepare payrolls and file taxes.


Marketing is a performance-based department that is often outsourced to the pros. That way, you can replace the team if targets are not met without having to look bad. And many companies are taking advantage of this opportunity. Now, everyone is outsourcing copywriting, graphic design, and ad management to freelancers. And that is creating jobs for interested people.


Sites like Udemy and Code academy have started an eLearning revolution. People are interested in learning new things on the go, and there’s no better way to teach than through video. You can explain just about anything – from how to make a website to woodworking. So, there are many teaching opportunities on the internet right now.

The bottom line?

Remote work has always been around, even before the Covid-19 pandemic. But it has taken off and created even better opportunities for interested people.