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Most people want to be part of something big. It can be a conference, multinational company, or forum where like-minded people come to share views. That explains why thousands of people show up for the Consumer Electronics Show, the Congress of Nursing and Healthcare, and other similar events.

What about conferences for the future of work? Well, we’re glad you asked.

These are the top three future of work conferences available to people in Canada.

CIPD Festival of Work

Date: 10-12/ June 2020

Location: Online

Price: From $400

The Festival of Work was supposed to go down to London. But that has changed following the Coronavirus pandemic. People will have to settle for a webinar this year. And that’s good news for people in Canada and elsewhere.

So, who is this conference for?

It is for anybody interested in HR software, recruitment, and the future of work. It’s a great place to catch new trends before your competitors do.

WorldatWork 2020

Date: Starting from 8 July to September 2020

Location: Online

Price: From $1695

WorldatWork is a network of professionals looking to change the workplace. They focus on motivating employees and rewarding those that show outstanding performance. Primarily, you learn how to compensate team members without hurting your finances. And that justifies the hefty price tag.

HR Tech Montreal

Date: Postponed to 2021

Location: Montreal, Canada

Price: From CA$402

HR Tech Montreal is a conference that aims at bringing together market leaders. Guests range from tech solution vendors to innovative start-ups and everything in between. If you are looking for a place to learn and share ideas on HR, this is it.

However, you will have to wait until next year to attend this live event. That’s because of the current Coronavirus pandemic that thrives in public meetups like this one.

The Conclusion

The future of any work events are hard to come by. That’s why we included online versions from other regions.