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The workplace, as we know it, is about to change. Mostly because Coronavirus happened, and now everyone wants to practice social distancing.

In this post, we cover the biggest trends in the workplace right now. Some of them started before Covid-19 but were not very popular. Now everyone is trying to play catchup.

Businesses are Embracing Remote Work

For a long time, remote work was a reserve for programmers, writers, and graphic designers. Tools such as Slack and Zoom were not so popular, and working from home was never an option. But that is changing.

Companies have to close their offices indefinitely following the Covid-19 pandemic. And that can hurt operations pretty bad. Now they are turning to collaboration tools to keep the essential employees productive. This trend is slashing operational costs for business and reducing transport costs for employees. So we can all agree this is a win-win situation.

Employees Health Will be on the Forefront

Generally speaking, working from home results in reduced physical activity. And we all know the health implications of that. So, companies will care more about their employee’s health. Expect to see an increase in mental health support, expanded healthcare packages, financial aid and more.

Together with that, businesses will also create more team events. You know, the kind that brings people together for fun activities.

A Focus on Skills

Working from home will change the traditional focus on time to what an individual can do. That’s because tracking time might not work for most situations. Besides, nobody has the time and patience to sift through hundreds of messages on Slack and screen sharing sessions on Zoom. Of course, deadlines will still be a big part of the workplace, but will not be the main focus.

The Bottom Line?

Coronavirus has forced businesses to redesign their workplaces. They are spending a lot of time and money on these new trends, and there’s a big chance they will stick around.