Marc Saltzman, Technology Specialist

Marc Saltzman has reported on the high-tech industry since 1996 as a freelance journalist, author, lecturer, consultant, and radio and TV personality.

His specialties lie in consumer electronics, computers, Internet trends, small-to-midsized business technology and interactive entertainment.

Marc writes and hosts “Gear Guide,” a technology-focused video that runs nationally across Canada at Cineplex Entertainment movie theaters, IMAX theatres and various sister chains; is a frequent guest on CTV’s Canada AM morning show, CHCH, Global TV, CityTV and CP24; along with his weekly syndicated columns with Gannett, Marc currently contributes to more than 40 prominent publications and has published 16 books and Marc also writes and hosts three radio shows, branded as “Tech Talk”.

Marc Saltzman



Dave Wilkin, Co-Founder, Ten Thousand Coffees

Co-Founder of TenThousandCoffees.com, helping organizations match and build relationships between colleagues to drive high performing and happy teams. An international speaker and expert in millennials, innovation, mentoring, and networking.

Through partnerships with leading education institutions across North America, Wilkin and his team are innovating the student to work transition by helping students match with upper years and alumni for valuable career and education conversations, all over coffee (or tea)!

Dave Wilkin


Ilana Ben-Ari, Founder, CEO and Designer, Twenty One Toys

For over a decade, Ilana has been working at the intersection of design and social innovation at studios in Canada and around the world. She is disrupting the world of work and learning, by addressing the questions . . . What are the job skills of the future? How can we train ourselves, and our employees, to be indispensable to business success? Ilana maintains that when so many of our jobs are becoming automated, the future of work and learning lies in social and emotional intelligence.

Ilana is an award-winning, international speaker with family roots in Winnipeg.

Ilana Ben-Ari


John Weigelt, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Canada

John Weigelt leads Microsoft Canada’s strategic policy and technology efforts. In this role, Mr. Weigelt helps business and governments innovate with technology while avoiding the unintended consequences that might arise. He leads Canadian outreach for Economic Development, Privacy, Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Government 3.0, Accessibility, Environmental Sustainability and Interoperability.

A strategic thinker, John has contributed to the development of international standards and guidelines, government policies, national strategies, provincial and federal legislation. These contributions range from the detailed technical specificity of protocol definition to macroeconomic principles.

John Weigelt


Adam Garry, Director of Global Education Strategy, Dell

Personalized learning helps bridge the disconnect between how students learn in their personal lives, and how they learn in the classroom. Personal investment in learning is critical for every individual. Adam Garry will share his vision of empowering students and increasing their motivation through a method of learning that is influenced by the students themselves. Mr. Garry is a former teacher who, over the past 12 years, has become an influential educational disrupter through books he has authored, schools he has consulted with across the USA, and talks he has given internationally.

Adam Garry

Panel Participants / Moderators


Joel Semeniuk, Laudato Si’ Challenge Mentor, Imaginet Cofounder, Global Microsoft Regional Director, Fresco Capitol Impact Partner, Horizon Three Founder & Executive Director

Joel Semeniuk is the founder and executive director of Horizon Three, a global ecosystem of innovators supporting corporate and educational innovation and change. Joel is also the Chief Innovation Officer of Imaginet, a company he cofounded in 1997 that grew to become a Global Microsoft Partner of the Year and the #1 Small to Medium Sized Employer in Canada. Joel has a degree in Computer Science and is also a Global Microsoft Regional Director (of only 7 in the world) and is part of a working group with the CTO of Microsoft on the future of software engineering.

Joel is serial entrepreneur helping to found several successful startups in a variety of industries around the world; including software, transportation, and healthcare. Joel has also been a mentor at a number of startup accelerators including AcceleratHK in Hong Kong and Mach5 in San Francisco.

Joel Semeniuk


Usha Srinivasan, VP Venture Programs, MaRS discovery district

Usha Srinivasan is a scientist turned market researcher and now educator of entrepreneurs. Prior to joining MaRS, she worked at Frost & Sullivan, a leading global market research and consulting company where she published key research papers, consulted for companies of varying sizes and managed a group of analysts to provide quality market research and consulting services. She has technical & industry background in water, environment and building technologies space having worked with global clients such as GE, Siemens, Veolia, American water, IBM, Honeywell and Brita.

Usha Srinivasan