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Most people across the world have ditched their daily commute to work for dining tables in their homes. It is a direct response to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, which has literally changed everything. Companies are now moving their “essential workers” to remote positions and laying off the rest.

So, will the workplace change post-Covid-19? Well, here’s our expert opinion on what might happen.

More Companies Will Embrace Remote Working

In a bid to reduce operational costs and overcome lockdowns, businesses have resulted in allowing remote work. Of course, this will not work for everybody. Nurses, for instance, might not benefit from this new trend. However, a gym may decide to charge customers for online sessions scheduled throughout the day. In short, we expect to see more people working from home. It is cheaper for everyone, and it also keeps people safe from the deadly Coronavirus.

In-Person Meetings Will Reduce Significantly

People who work in an office environment go to a meeting at least once in a day. And that often leads to close contact with colleagues. Now that everybody is working from home, the world needs a new solution.

Enter virtual meetings.

There have always been solutions for virtual meetings. But they were not very popular until the pandemic happened. Zoom, for example, has reported a surge in usage, and that trend is not going away any time soon.

The Focus Will Shift to Productivity, Not Time

The traditional workplace set up is focused on time. And that is about to change. Monitoring employees on collaboration tools might be tempting, but it is a sure way to fail. Employees might even feel watched, and that might lead to losing them to your competitors. So, concentrating on productivity will be a better idea.

The Bottom Line?

The workplace is about to change forever, and you’d better be prepared. It’s the only way to keep your business afloat.